Meet Stella Delimini, Managing Director

Stella earned a degree in Business from the University of Connecticut-Storrs. In 2009 she founded Stellar HomeCare with a vision to create a different kind of home care agency, one that attends not only to the physical needs of individuals, but their emotional and spiritual needs as well. Since then, she has built and trained a team of dedicated nurses and caregivers who share her core values of personal commitment, respect for the dignity of her clients and the desire to help them live life on their own terms. Growing up, Stella lived in many different countries and also had the opportunity to travel around the world, where she was able to experience a variety of cultures. She was always inspired by the societies who esteemed elders and valued their wisdom. This love of the elderly, along with her upbringing in a multi-generational family and close relationship with her grandparents was what inspired her to dedicate her life to helping others.