services2Stroke Patient Care that’s heartfelt

Caring for your loved one at home after a stroke can cause high levels of emotional, mental and physical stress, in addition to the distress and disruption of employment and family life that can make caregiving very challenging. At Stellar HomeCare, our caregivers can help orient patients after surgery. What’s more, we offer our clients certified nurse’s aides experienced with stroke care to provide personalized care and attention.  Our caregivers can:

  • Assist with doctor’s appointments, medications, and exercises
  • Help with financial matters and transportation
  • Provide physical, mental and emotional support
  • Assist with daily activities such as personal care and hygiene
  • Plan patient care, including setting routines and managing the care team
  • Assess medical needs, communicate with healthcare professionals and advocate (medically) for the stroke survivor.
  • Help with documents, travel to and from appointments, rehabilitation and companionship.

With Stellar HomeCare, you are not alone. We are here to provide the professional and emotional resources to help you and your family navigate the challenging post-stroke recovery journey.